Workshop recommendations

This workshop with Henrik Bøegh has truly been a life-changing experience for me. Between the friendships made and knowledge learned, I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity! Henrik is wholeheartedly invested in finding the best processes and products possible to achieve the ideal results, as well as sharing how to make the equipment and steps necessary to carry it all out! I would encourage anyone interested in non-toxic techniques to follow and study with him!

Rachel Jeanne Singel, USA (workshop July 2018)
Artist/Teacher in Printmaking University of Louisville
s[email protected]

“What a week ! The workshop with Henrik was even better than I imagined. A beautiful week in Capiliera ; a stunning destination and a non-toxic etching course that was one of the most enriching experiences I have known.
The multiple techniques that we were taught seem infinite in terms of possibilities. The superposition of images from different sources and the translation of texture and form into two dimensional prints seem endless sources of inspiration for future artistic endeavors.
I believed the course would enable me to carry out traditional methods of etching in a non-toxic environment using safe products but everyday was a discovery of new, exciting ways to print and build bridges between different categories of images.
Each new day was also punctuated by beautiful, healthy sun-filled meals prepared by Ase. I also felt priveleged to be part of an international group who all seemed blown away by the experience. Henrik et Ase were perfect hosts and inspiring montors. I left Capiliera with ‘wings’ and an urgent need to set up my own workshop in Pont Aven.
Thank you so much

ABI Parr, France (workshop October 2017
Artist / Printmaker
[email protected]

“I had a fantastic time in Capileira. We have learned so much within only one week. All the non-toxic input and knowledge we have gained seemed to have been an investment into our future, quite literally, when coming from the traditional/ classical etching background. This workshop has not only opened up a much healthier and environmental friendly working approach, but has also widened up the possibilities within the image creation by exploring new methods and new combinations of various techniques to gain a much more complex visual language.

Miriam Salamander, Germany (workshop 2017)
Artist / Printmaker

“Thank you so much for all you offered to us.  The workshop was stellar on all counts, the setting, hospitality, and of course the nutritional and delightful meals were very much appreciated.  I am confident you will see me again while you continue to offer the workshops.  As you know, I only focused on a small set of methods that I felt I could on my own come to more quickly than the others.  However, I am longing more depth in these and believe spitbite and dry engraving make sense as well.”

Maureen Sheldon, USA (workshop 2017)
Artist / Printmaker

“Une semaine intensive qui inclut la lenteur, les rires, la gastronomie spontanée de Aase, la très riche expérience de Henrik, l’accueil de chacun, de chacune: une belle alchimie!
Dans mon bagage de retour: beaucoup de pistes ouvertes, de gratitude et d’outils très concerts à mettre en œuvre, dès maintenant :)”

Marie Tavera, France (workshop 2016)
Artist / Printmaker
“Its been such a great pleasure to participate in the non-toxic intaglio workshop of Henrik and Aase. The very steep learning curve combined with the wonderful nature of Capileira and the relaxed and inspiring company of artists from all over the world has been a wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to use these techniques in my future work. ”

Birgitte Rubaek, Denmark – (workshop 2016)
Exhibition Designer

“I enjoyed the workshop very much. Capileira is very beautiful and Henrik is a very good instructor who does not just show you a material or a technique or an invention/adaptation but more importantly inspires an artist to the possibilities of non-toxic printmaking.”

Esther Ng Eet Ming, Singapore (workshop 2016)
Printmaker, Paper Conservator

You workshop has been very intense and so full of information and inspiration, I’m still processing everything in my head. No doubt, once I start up my own studio, things will fall into place. It has been a joy to work with a group of likeminded people from all over over the world that are all committed to the same goal: making printmaking less toxic. Thank you both so much for teaching us and for taking such good care of us this past week, it has been a fantastic experience.

Rozemarijn Oudejans, Holland (workshop 2016)
Printmaker, Graphic Designer /

One week in Capileira is like … well, not “like a year in any other place” (to quote 10CC), but it does mean filling your head with enough new ideas to keep you busy for at least a year afterwards.

Days pass quickly but quietly in the relaxed atmosphere of Henrik and Aase’s place. You feel at home immediately – probably because work actually takes place in their combined home and studio. That’s the glory of the non-toxic techniques – being able to prepare your copper plates for etching in the kitchen, literally on the same table where lunch is being prepared. The only smell comes from the stove – and it’s delicious.

Relaxed does not mean lazy – the workshop is intense and there is no end to Henrik’s handing out tips and tricks for getting the prints right, drawing from his many years of developing techniques and materials. You leave having aquired new knowledge about working with intaglio print in a safe environment and having spent a week in damn good company.

Lars Pryds, Denmark – (workshop 2015)
Graphic artist and designer MD, BKF

Dear Henrik,

This is Joshua Tollefson from Hawaii, I participated in your workshop in Capileria earlier this month.
I am writing to thank you again for a great workshop. I gained so much form you, not just about the non-toxic intaglio techniques, but also about teaching and learning. As a teacher myself, it’s fun and valuable to be a student, and see how others teach and lead. You are an inspiration!

Warm regards to you an Asa!
Aloha, Joshua

Hola, Henrik!

Thanks for the great photo of all of us at the July workshop in your studio!
But mostly, thanks for the workshop! It was really inspiring, so many different things to try and think about.

I’ll be getting together with one of my studio mates who is interested in working out a “non toxic” photogravure process. I’ve never really thought about “work flow” before, but I think that might be our biggest challenge. Lots of other people, equipment, etc., in the studio that we’ll need to work around.
I imagine the easiest thing would be to just put it on a solar plate as part of a multiplate print (or use some sort of transfer), but the idea of getting it on copper is so appealing.

I kind of wish I had come straight back here after the workshop, instead of running around Spain for a few more weeks, but I have lots of notes, and your book. Wish me luck!

Thanks again!
Gail Morrison, USA  (Workshop 2012)

Im Frühjahr 2015 wurde ich auf die Homepage von Henrik Boegh aufmerksam
und beschloss, an seinem Non-Toxic-Intaglio-Workshop in Capileira teilzunehmen. Die Anmeldeund
Zahlungs-modalitäten sind unkompliziert, Henrik ist sehr hilfsbereit und gibt wirklich
brauchbare Tipps, was die Anreise und Unterkunft anbelangt.

Der Workshop findet in dem kleinen, hübschen Ort Capileira statt, in einem liebevoll renovierten
Haus. Dort wird auch gemeinsam gefrühstückt und gegessen, Ase ist eine ausgezeichnete und
kreative Köchin.
Henrik ist ein hervorragender Pädagoge, der sein großes Wissen engagiert, gut strukturiert und mit

viel Humor an die TeilnehmerInnen weitergibt.

Die Arbeitsräume sind sehr gut ausgestattet, man lernt als TeilnehmerIn schrittweise die
Handhabung diverser Materialien und der Presse.

Das für mich Überraschende war, wie vielfältig das Drucken ohne giftige Säuren usw. sein kein
und dass es nicht nur umweltfreundlich, sondern auch ökonomisch ist .

Die Woche war in jeder Hinsicht eine Bereicherung: Drucktechnisch habe ich sehr viel gelernt,
ohne unangenehme Gerüche, mit sauberen Händen; die Arbeitsatmosphäre war sehr gut,
wir haben viel gelacht, super gegessen, nett und komfortabel gewohnt und eine beeindruckende
Umgebung kennen gelernt.

Gabriela, Wien, Austria (Workshop 2015)

Hi Henrik


Hope you fill the October class – it is such a terrific course!

Liz, Canada  (Workshop 2012)

Kære Henrik – Og Aase!

Tusind tak for sidst – det var jo fantastisk!

Anne, Danmark  (Workshop 2013)


jeg håber alt er vel i Capileira. Har brugt ugen til at kigge + sortere billeder og til at opgradere/omorganisere mit værksted.

Jeg har lært enorm meget i den uge der!!! Og haft det sjovt!

Silke Groth, Danmark  (Workshop 2013)

I was at the workshop in august 2015. The workshop was very good in a beautiful place. I learned a lot of techniques in a short time, very well explained, with time to explore for myself. I will come back, and I can really recommend this workshop to anyone that have experience in printmaking or who want to learn for the first time, and of course, everything is non-toxic!

Beatrice Guttormsen, Norway   (Workshop 2015)

El curso de grabado no tóxico de Henrik me pareció excelente. Todo estaba perfectamente planeado, desde los materiales, los tiempos, las herramientas y equipos, hasta la metodología didáctica. El plus del taller son la bellísima casa de la pareja de Henrik y Ase, la calidez de su trato con el grupo, el humor y sabiduría con el que llevan la convivencia y la excelente cocina de la patrona. los paseos por las montañas de Capileira y los pueblos vecinos son una belleza.

Una experiencia nutritiva para un artista y profesor como yo, pero también para una pareja de viejos viajeros como somos Mireia y yo.

Un gran abrazo Ase y Henrik.
Marcos de Bogotá, Colombia  (Workshop 2015)

Kjære Åse og Henrik,

Tusen takk for et flott opphold i Capileira, med spennende grafiske utfordringer, og fantastisk service og gjestfrihet. Å nyte herlige måltider med utsikt over dalen, og ørner hengende i horisonten, var magisk. Suppene dine Åse er et eventyr, og det var resten av alt du og Pernelle tryllet frem, mens vi forsøkte så godt vi kunne å holde følge med deg Henrik. Nå gleder jeg meg til å fokusere på bildene igjen. Har fått mye som skal fordøyes. Igjen takk for meg, og så håper jeg vi sees igjen ved en eller annen anledning.

Beste hilsen
Elly Prestegaard, Norge  (Workshop 2014)

Dear Henrik and Aase,

I did have very enjoyable time with you. Your course was so effective that I did sleep 12hours when I came back to home. You have been thinking and creating so much. My brother will have bithdayparty tomorrow and I´m going make this exotic watermelon soup.
I learned so much both of you. Thank you for that!

Welcome to Helsinki!
Kata, Finland  (Workshop 2013)

Dear  Henrik

Your paradise was so great experience that I lost my way to do pictures in the beginning. I never before have had so much difficulties in hearing, sorry sorry. Your way to teach was very touchable and concret, You were at the same time kind, warm and hard. You had your aim to teach the technics. You teached us to see critically, to see precisely.

I admired your way to keep your studio in order. It was so estethical too as everything around us up to Åse and Pernilla way to cook. You all were so warm people and you had faith in us. We were really working at your home!

You gave so much energy and good thoughts to me. Could all people in the world be so good and open to each other!

I embrace You Henrik and lovely Åse with all beatiful memories in Capileira
Mari from Rauma, Finland  (Workshop 2013)

Dear friends.

After a few days at home with rain and lower temperatures, the impressions from the fantastic days in Capileira has settled a little. I still think this must be one of the best holidays in my life. The combination of learning so much, the beautiful surroundings that made a frame around us, the good food and you lovely people, it couldn’t be better. Especially the good atmosphere around Henrik and Åse, that alone was an inspiration to me. Thank you, all of you. All the best, hope to see you somewhere around.

Bodil, Norway  (Workshop 2013)

Hej Henrik!

Jag är nu hemma igen och allt börja sakta att lugna ned sig. När jag kom tillbaka ifrån Spanien 2 veckor efter kursen så började allt med en väldig fart. Jag har haft tre utställningar ,jobb inom sjukvård , vår stora familj osv så ja det blev mycket.

Nu har vi iallfall haft möte i vår kollektiv verkstad ang non toxic arbetsmetod och det verkar som att jag får med mig de andra. Hoppas.

Tack för en fantastsk kurs. Du är en bra pedagog och Åsa gjorde otrolig mat för oss. Och att ni öppnade ert hem för oss med denna paradisiska utsikt. Det kommer jag alltid att ha i mitt hjärta.

Du vet att jag sa att jag jobbar mest med Collografi. Nu har jag börjat att utforska den vattenbaserade färgen, har köpt Magnesium Carbamid och Jonsson. J

Vi höres igen
Stor kram och hälsa Åsa
Fia kvissberg (Workshop 2014)

A non-toxic printstudio in the heart of Sierra Nevada where Henrik Boegh teaches about non-toxic printmaking. A perfect setting for a 7-day course where I learned the essence of photopolymer, the use of aquatint, hard and soft grounds and so much more as Henrik shares years of experience in an open and communicative way. The group consisted of 9 people from different nationalities which resulted in a unique learning environment. We were housed in nice apartments, could have our daily swim in Pépé’s bar, enjoyed marvelous breakfast and lunch at Aase and Henrik’s place and took dinner in a variety of local restaurants. I can strongly recommend this course to any printmaker that is eager to learn all there is to know about non-toxic printmaking as it encourages people to make green choices in the field of printmaking.

Anje Claeys, Belgium  (Workshop 2015)

À la recherche du livre d’Henrik Boegh en français sur le net, je suis tombée par hasard sur son stage ( je préfère son workshop ! ) en Espagne …

Andalousie, Capileira, Sierra-Nevada, WHAAA !!

Tentant, engageant surtout en raison du lieu et de la formule ( nourri/logé) proposée .

Dessinatrice je grave depuis quelques années en taille douce . Mes quelques essais de l’acide du vernis  et de l’aquatinte ont été périlleux et frustrants ! J’ai donc laissé tomber tout simplement ces techniques . J’étais donc curieuse de nouvelles propositions ! Le non-toxique ! Pourquoi pas !

Et me voilà en Espagne, très bien préparée par toutes les recommandations, conseils, suggestions reçus par mail en amont ( en anglais .)..

Une organisation rodée et chaleureuse ( . ) Ce n’est que le début de l’ “aventure” ! Un groupe improbable de huit personnes, de pratiques, d’âges et d’horizons différents !

C’est là ou Henrik déploie tout son savoir-faire, bien-sur par un programme d’objectifs journaliers peaufiné au fil des ans par la pratique,  mais aussi par sa pédagogie du travail en atelier, adapté et à l’écoute des demandes et besoins de chacun .

Rigoureux dans les explications, les démonstrations, il capte son auditoire . Généreux, il distribue trucs et astuces aussi bien techniques que pratiques !
GRAVURE NON TOXIQUE oui, mais pas que ! Economie de temps de travail et d’argent ! Le rêve !
Ajoutez à cela, un cadre idyllique,atelier, village, hébergement, des déjeunes et petit déjeunes délicieux réalisés de main de maître par une plasticienne  (non comprise )
Et une grande envie de transformer mon atelier en non toxique très rapidement !

À suivre donc
Patricia  (Workshop 2015)