UV-Light Box for exposure of Photopolymer Film and Photopolymer Plates – including UV-bulb – (See video)

 241.00 excl. VAT



UV-Exposure Unit Ready to Use for UV-exposure of photopolymer film and plates

(The Cabinet and vacuum frame is NOT INCLUDED)

Cut a 27 x 27 cm (10,6 x 10,6 inch) hole in the center of a plywood plate covering the top of a kitchen  base cabinet. Assemble the UV-Light Box and place it on top of the cabinet.

You decide the size of the cabinet yourself – you can build it yourself or buy a ready made kitchen base cabinet with door from IKEA. The vacuum frame is placed in the bottom of the cabinet. The size of the bottom plate of the cabinet must correspond to the size of the vacuum frame. The distance between the top of the vacuum frame and the bottom of the UV bulb must 85 cm if you want to be able to expose plates in A3 size.

The light box is made of aluminium. It comes in two separate parts: a readymade shutter for UV exposure and a light-shield for security, that has to be assembled.


VIDEO:  UV-lightbox

The lightbox is delivered together with a 300 W Osram UV-bulb and all fittings
Dimensions: 41 x 31 x 30 cm (16 inch x 12 inch x 12 inch)
Weight: 2,4 kilos

The UV-lamp must be screwed into the included porcelain socket. The lamp must be connected to the included cable hanging down from the ceiling in the middle of the light shield box, approx. 85 cm above the vacuum frame. Electric cable, plug and hook are included.

User instructions:

• Once the light box is assembled it is ready to plug into a 220 Volt socket.
• Expose the photopolymer film/plate by pulling out the metal shutter and push it back in after exposure.
• This lamp has a start time of 2 minutes before it can be used.

NB: Wait 2–3 minutes before restarting a hot lamp.

The UV-Light Box and accessories will be shipped by parcel post in a carboard box 45 x 32 x 26 cm – weight 3,5 kilos