Etching Tank with air pump – out of stock

out of stock



Facts about the tank:

 Contents: approx. 15 litres of ferric chloride
Max plate size:  2 pieces “45×60 cm-plates” (or more smaller plates) can be etched simultaneously.
Outside dimensions: 64 cm x 53 cm (height) x 14,5 cm (top)

A separate stand provides exceptional stability: 52cm long, 26cm wide and 25cm high which.
Weight about: 9 kilos with stand and accessories

Aquarium aerator pump
2 x 2½ meter air tube
2 x 100 gram air stones

Its design features include:

  • An extended drip ledge, which makes removing plates from the tank to the sink safer and mess-free and it gives the possibility to build-in the tank in a table next to the sink.
  • A snap-on, form fitting lid to prevent evaporation
  • Aerator pump with airflow control (see drawing) to activate the ferric chloride before etching and dissolve sediments after etching.

A full tank that contains about 15 litres will last approximately two years of frequent, daily use. If the ferric chloride is out of use for a period of time, it may lose its edge. You can ‚whet its appetite‘ it by feeding it a piece of copper a few hours before etching. The safest and easiest way to empty the tank is by means of an aquarium pump.

The tank and accessories with be shipped by parcel post in a carboard box 66x60x23cm – weight 10 kilos.