Air-Brush SPARM MODEL DH-125 duo function – SEE VIDEO

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Air-Brush SPARM MODEL DH-125 duo function – SEE VIDEO

“SPARM 0,5 MM”
Gravity-feed 7, 22 & 8

Professionel duo-function airbrush that produces extreemly delicate aquatints. Works very well even on very big plates.

Contains 2 glascontainers, 1 bowl and adaptor for tube. Tube connexion 1/8″

All working processes with this product are thourougly described in my book:
“Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio”


The ideal air-brush for aquatine is a so-called “Duo-function air-brush.” When the button A is pressed, air is blown through the air brush. When withdrawn at the same time, the liquid is withdrawn from the container C. The further it is withdrawn the higher the pressure. The “Stopblock” B can be set to any maximum state of the amount of aquatine sprayed. This means that you can adjust the amount of pressure and amount of liquid that is sprayed to any plate sizeize.

SEE VIDEO: how to apply aquatint with air-brush