Photopolymer Plates / Toyobo A3: 29,7 x 42 cm / Price per pcs. for minimum 10 pcs. in the same order Euro 20

 20.00 excl. VAT


Photopolymer Plates A3: 29,7  x 42 cm / 11,69 x 16,53 inch

Toyobo Size KM73/Printight Photopolymer Plates: thickness 0,73 mm.

Photopolymer plates are available in different thicknesses and qualities. We have obtained the best results with steelbased TOYOBO PHOTOPOLYMER PLATES called KM73/Printight Photopolymer Plates – 0.73 mm thick. In principle, the plates are treated in the same way as a board laminated with photopolymer film. The photopolymer plate is “born” with a UV light-sensitive emulsion, and it is therefore ready to be exposed with the positive as soon as it is out of the package. The etching takes place in a tray with ordinary tap water. Once the plate is etched and hardened, it can be inked and printed indefinitely.

Storage: 8-20 degrees celsius / 50-70% humidity / store light-proof

All working processes with this product are thourougly described in my book:

“PHOTOGRAVURE – Instruction Manual”

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