Photopolymer Film DK3 – wet or dry lamination – 500 x 60,5 cm / 196 x 23,8 inch (see video)

 65.00 excl. VAT


Photopolymer film DK3 for wet or dry lamination

DK3 photopolymer film is normally used in the electronic industry for producing circuit boards. There are more brands and manufacturers of photopolymer film on the market. In my Grafisk Eksperimentarium we are currently testing the different films on the market in order to always find the best. The DK3-Photopolymer Film is at the moment superior to any other brands on the market with regards to the deep blacks and the delicate grey tones in the final print.

Length: 5 meters (196 inches) – with 60,5 Centimeters (23,8 inches) – Thickness: 50 microns

Storage: 8-20 grader celcius / below 70% humidity/ keep lightproof in aluminum foil

Video: How to laminate the film (wet lamination):

Further and more detailed descriptions of the process you will find in my book

DK-Fotopylymer-safety sheet