PHOTOGRAVURE – Instruction Manual

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 published March 1st 2021


PHOTOGRAVURE -Instruction Manual by Henrik Bøegh
94 pages – 72 Ill. – Wire-O binding 21 x 21 centimers

ISBN  978-87-994569-4-9

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4 from the work process
5 from calibration of the UV-exposure
6 from the calibration of the photogravure

About the contents
This is an instruction manual about photogravure using TOYOBO photopolymer plates. The manual guides you step by step through the entire process, from your first idea of making a photogravure to the final print. Along the way, I discuss the importance of choosing the right positive film, the right printer model, and the significance of the various UV light sources.

In a separate chapter I review the handmade positive for both intaglio printing and relief printing. Here you will get good advice for choosing the best wash and drawing medias, and you will get a unique recipe for making the most beautiful toner washes.

In Appendix I, I discuss the installation of RIP software for respectively Windows and Mac, and in Appendix II, I review the entire printing process from preparing the etching ink and paper to the finishing of the final intaglio print.

This you will learn:
– How to make the perfect positive in Photoshop for printing on film or directly on the plate
– How to prepare the photopolymer plate for exposure and etching
– How to find the optimal UV exposure times of the aquatint screen and the digital positive
– How to etch the photopolymer plate in water
– How to harden, handle and print the photopolymer plate in black and white and in duotone

About the author
Since Henrik in 1995 published his first book on the subject ”Photogravure – From Template to Finished Print”, and the year after the first edition of ”Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio,” he has held a great number of courses and conferences in these techniques around the world. His books on the subject have been published in several editions in Flemish, French, English and Spanish.