Lascaux Stop Out Resist – 500 ml

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Lascaux Stop Out Resist – 500 ml

Lascaux Stop-out resist is water-soluble, ready to use, non-toxic and suitable for use on copper, brass, zinc, steel and aluminium. The resist is highly acid-resistant and durable on unbitten or previously etched plates (e.g. aquatint, deep open bite).
Lascaux Stop-out resist has been specially designed as part of the acrylic-resist etching system. This coloured resist is fluid and can be easily painted onto plates to create images, make corrections to plates or used for stopping-out. It can be drawn into with etching tools when dry.

Lascaux Stop-Out Resist is removed with Mystrol


All working processes with this product are thourougly described in my book:
“Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio”