BIG Roll-on Hard- and Softground 75ml. RED version – (see video)

 17.00 excl. VAT


BIG Hardground and Softground are rolled onto the copper plate in a thin uniform layer. The etching ground comes in two colors, red or black, but they are otherwise exactly the same. Many printmakers prefer a black surface, so the lines present themselves in clear copper color on a black background during the work. On the red it is possible to draw the subject through carbon paper or scetch directly with pencil or a permanet marker before using the needle.

Together with the etching ground, you get a printed “step by step guide.” Rollers are cleaned immediately after application with detergent and cold water. The plates are cured in a baking oven at 135 degrees for 6 minutes. The etching ground is removed after etching with “Speedball 2000″(remover).

This fantastic etching ground has been developed by Andrew Baldwin, the Trefeglwys Print Studio, Mid Wales UK, who states: “Because the main constituent is an ink it allows the artist printmaker to experiment with many different effects on their etching plate. Techniques ranging from soft and hard ground, photo etching, marbling, relief etching, sandpaper aquatints and coffee lift are but a few that can be explored. ”


Watch videos – how to work with BIG: