New Etching Grounds

Fast-made soft ground

Fast-made version of my slow-drying soft ground describe in my book on page 27.

Melt 1 part soy wax (available in flakes – used for non-toxic candles ) with 1 part black Charbonnel lithographic printing ink (3-5 grams of each) in a metal cover/lid on a hot plate, stir with a wooden stick and let it get cold. Heat a copper plate on the hot plate, melt a lump of the mixture (soft ground ) on the copper plate and roll or dab it out in a thin uniform layer. Let the copper plate with the soft ground cool down to room temperature and the plate is ready to be  worked in. When you are finished, etch the soft ground 30-50 min. in 12,5 Beaumé ferric chloride . The etching ground can be removed with salad oil . The soft ground will keep soft for approx. 2-3 days before it starts drying. (Soy wax is available in many hobby shops alternatively you can use soy wax from a candles).

New Lift Ground

Paint the area to be lifted from the printing plate with melted soy wax on the printing plate. Let the wax air dry completely on the plate and paint over the plate with Lascaux Hard Resist the same way as you would apply it as a hard ground. Let the plate dry at room temperature 10 minutes or until it is touch-dry. Dry it with a hair dryer and the hard resist hardens like any other acrylic etching grounds where it is located directly on the printing plate, while the lift media melts and can be removed with a cloth. The plate is degreased and can now be etched right away creating open bites or sprayed with aquatint before etching.